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The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

As its supouse to be, one of the first images we saw, was from "Dovakhiin" in a cave, using the tow wilding weapons, in one hand he is using a ligthing staff to iluminate the cave and the other he uses a sword
The armor its posibilly a normal elver armor,still not confirmed
 The beauty of elements provided by Bethesda games
 The DragonBorn just to be attacked by one of the most dangerous kind of dragons;a Frost Dragon
The espectacular graphics are one of the most grate things about this game.Cant wait
This is what we can see if we turn our head where the dragon shout comes.
Draugr about to be killed by one of us if we are looky enough
Draugr champion something like that, just see the strength of the Dovahkiin
The image speak for itself
With Bethesda games we can be whoever we want and do whatever we want to do. I like to hunt
Giants, a rare criture that can be found in forest and its a "friendly criture", just dont attack him

Khajiit. grate as well, the races has been improved since all the time long ago with oblivion,this is awesome

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